What are the documents and processing for taking home loan

If you want to take a home loan today, how can I take a home loan for you? To take a home loan, we will give you today information about what will be the process of what will be needed in the document. If you do not have a house and you want to buy a good one, but you do not have money, then today I have brought this method for you, that way you can do one of your own and you need money in it. Will not be Money will not be needed, does not it mean that you do not have to pay money, you have to give it to you but you do not have to give money now. You can make a home without money and it is the only way and you know what the home loan This problem will be solved by you, but you will not know what the process is in how a home loan is taken. What do the documents required in it and what is the likelihood for us in this today, I am going to give you a reply to all of these today how a home loan is taken.

How much loan can we get

Friends, if you want to buy a home loan from the bank, then first of all you need to know how much you can get a loan because the bank will pay you a loan and depend on you. As the amount of money you earn now, the bank will lend to you as much money as your monthly or annual income will be given to you by the recording bank. If you are working anywhere, your monthly income will be available to the recording loan. If you are a businessman, then you will get annual income coding loans. Friends Bank gives you 70.2% of your Monthly Income Loan. Assuming that your monthly income is 10,000, then you can get up to 7,200,000 loans. You have become the first step that you can get so many loans. You know how much you can get a loan. You can calculate your monthly salary by calculating your monthly income.

House price

Friends, we came to know how much money we could get. Now the second type is that the value of your home should be worth doing. It matters a lot to you. BP is the amount of your income and according to the bank loan you are giving, the encoding of both of these should be the cost of your home. Because if you have more home than the bank loan, then you have to get that money out of your pocket and it can be a difficult thing for us, so we should like the house that is alluring to both income and loan.

How will the bank know what your monthly or annual income is?

Now you have come to the question of how the bank will check your income and find out how many loans you can get. Friends, there are two ways for this or you can make it through the bank to find out how much you have your income, the first is that through income tax return. If you file your income tax returns every year, then it will be counted as your income. You have to show how much tax you have paid each year and the amount of money you have earned that bank knows your income.

The second way is to know through form-16. If you deposit in the form-16 bank, then the bank considers it to be your income proof. If you do not know about form-16, then I tell you that if you are doing government or private job, then at the end of the year, the company gives you form-16, in which all the money you earned in the entire year would have been written in it. And you can deposit it in the bank.

Now your proof of income is that the place where you are employed, you are given a salary slip, that you can show that catch slip in your bank and deposit it for your income proof so that which you hold Keeping the slip is getting hold of it, and at the minimum, you should have a one-year salary slip on the basis of how much you earn each month and how much you earn in each year and the bank knows it Lata is that you're much earn each year.

Bank Process Loans

Now you know what you liked and what you want to do for your income. Job third point. Now you have to go to the bank. After going to the bank, you will have to fill out an application from the bank. In that application, you have to give your full details to your personal and financial details. If you have taken any loan, then tell about it also. Everything has to be filled out there, that is what your income is all those applications And after reading that application, the bank will generate your cibil score like your generic score on your PAN card or Aadhar card, if you have If you have not taken an e-loan, your civil square will be minus one and you will get a loan if you have taken loan and you have not read it, your civil score will be very bad, for that you have to read that loan completely After two to three months, you have to apply for loan and you have to give a reason why you did not pay the loan but you will get loan or you will not get it on the basis of the bank and that The bank has the right but if you have not taken any loan then no matter if you do not have a loan then you will get a loan.

If your civil school is also good and you do not already have any loan, then the next process is that the bank has a bank pre infection that any officer of the bank will come to your house, he will do your home and he will have some duties You will not get it, but if everything is right then you will get the eligibility for the loan.

Now the bank has a further process that the bank will ask you for a cell agreement. The cell agreement means that the cell agreement from which you are buying the house will ask for it that I am giving my house to it. If you are buying a car from a builder, then the contract has to be given to the bank for the agreement between you and the two. In the number of friends in the cell agreement, the bank also lends the amount to the deposit. Suppose that your cell agreement has a salary of 10,00,000 rupees and if you are taking a loan of 10,00,000 rupees from the bank then there is no problem. . If you are taking a loan from a builder but it is giving you 20,00,000 but the document has written 10,00,000, because it does so that he does not have to pay a higher income tax, so he keeps doing this. Whenever you buy tax from a builder or someone else, do not do so, because you do not have such income or civil, then the bank is giving you a loan of 10,00,000 and you have to do 20 lakhs. This When buying a house, be sure to take care of these things without buying or buying from those builders, otherwise you will have to repent.

Now AB has completed your loan now the bank will have a section of your loan, depending on the amount of your income and property which is less, the bank will lend you on the basis of which the less. Everything from the bank to the event is written in the event that you are getting so much loan, how much is it, how many years is being given, and all that salary is written in minutes, once you read it carefully.

Edge Factor also influences the edge factor in Islam, because the more you have the edge, the repayment period will be less, assuming that today you are 50 years old, the bank will make you 10-year-old mai because the bank will have 60 years It makes me as low as your age, the more you get the replacement period. But the more you have to pay interest to the bank. Bank HD Love ADMI does not make more than 20 to 25 years, but it also makes a difference to your income. Based on the amount of income you have now, your EMI will form because the bank can make only 60% of your income.

Now the bank will give you a demand draft, a copy of the demand draft that you can bring to your house or the property that you want to take home. After having your name, you have to submit that document to your bank and you become the owner of it, but for the time fairy, the bank becomes its owner till you give it to yourself. The documents remain with the bank. If you do not read MI in the future, the bank can recover your loan by selling your home. When you fill in your whole, the bank will give you that document.

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