This Mobile Price Is just 4499 And 8000mAh Battery, 8 GB RAM And 48MP Camera.

new smatphone price

Hello friends, how are you going to tell the phone that I am about to tell you today, because of the features of that phone you will go to the queue because there are so many features in this phone and even in such a small budget, for the first time you can not believe it. Will this come true? Because the price of this phone is kept so low and features given in the big budget phone are given in the pictures. 

We all know that at this time new smartphones are launched every day. And every single company launches its new phone every month, in order to focus its budget on cell phones, companies need to pay attention to their budget, so the smartphone companies pay a lot of attention to their budget and low cost Smartphone launches so the competition has become much more competitive today for smartphone companies. The time with this competition, I continue to launch big budget smartphones in my smartphone at a low budget.

Another Chinese company is preparing to launch its own smartphone in India in this budget phone race. This company claims that in India this phone is cheaper and no one will call. This Chinese company is going to launch its new phone within a short time. If this phone launches in India then every common man will be able to use smart phones. You know ahead of what is going to get us in this phone.

According to the Chinese company, this smartphone will be a budget smart phone. Within this smartphone you will get every feature and this smartphone will be bought by everyone and will be able to use this phone. There will be such features in this smartphone which will be a cost-effective smartphone feature. The camera of this smartphone will be given 48 megapixels and its selfie camera will be 8 megapixels. 

Speaking of the display of this smartphone, 6.5 is going to give its full HD display. Speaking of the phone's RAM, it is getting 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage is available. And to make this phone more powerful, it is going to be given a 8000mAh battery. 

The price of this phone is just Rs 4499. After so many features, you will be able to buy this phone at such a low price. 

Friends, how do you feel about our article, tell us in the committee, and one more thing, how would you like this smartphone if this phone was launched in our India then would you buy and get so many features with such a low price phone. If this phone launches and its price is too low, then buy or buy, I will definitely buy this phone.  

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