Take a personal loan in just 2 hours on Aadhar card and PAN card.

Rapidrupee Presonal Loan

How are you friends? Do you want to take a personal loan from your mobile? If you have read this article then you need a personal loan and you have come to the right place. I keep putting such a post which will give you a personal loan easily from your mobile. Today, through the application I am going to talk about, you will get personal loan in 2 hours. Today, I am about to review Rapidrupee Loan App if you want any other application besides a personal loan, keep reading this blog post. Apart from this, I have written a lot of articles and you can read them if you can read this application If you know about it, then I have told many more applications which gives a personal loan, then let's start. 


Friends how to take a loan in this application before going to school to know a little about this application. Friends, this company is a Mumbai-based organization, which gives online loan to the phone. If you ever need a loan, you can get a loan within 2 hours. Friends, this application was published in the Google Play Store in 2018 and so far this application is used by more than one lakh people. This application is of 12mb. You can easily install this application in your mobile and you can use it.

Personal loan 

Friends, this application says that if you have an emergency or a personal work, you can take a loan after giving a few KYC documents in just 2 hours. And after taking a loan from this, you can do this work through netting your Net Banking Wallet or Card. Friends, but initially this application gives you a small loan. As you keep repeating it, your loan amount will increase. This app has a limit of up to 10000 loan till 2019. Even if you have a job, you have a business, you will still get a loan.

Interest & Fee 

Friends will tell you one thing: If you take a loan from any application, before taking a loan, it is very important to know about the interest rate and interest of the loan on the loan. In this app, you get an interest rate of approximately 24% annually. At the same time, you take 2% processing fee in the loan process. Which is detached from your loan. The 18% GST Eird always happens in whatever charge you feel. If you do not repay whatever loan you take, then you have to fill 12%. And to avoid this, you must pay your loan from time to time. And in the beginning you get a lot of time too.


Friends, in this application, you take a little talk of what should be the eligibility when taking a personal loan. Osari's eligibility is given below. It will be all in you. You will be able to take a loan. 

1. To take this loan you must be Indian 
2. Your age must be 22 to 59 for taking Islam. 
3. You should use internet banking 
4. Your minimum 10000 should be income 
5. This app needs to be working in your area to take Islam.  


Friends, if all the above given quality is in you and you remain lazy to take this loan, then you have to update some documents which I have given below.

1. You must first provide ID proof (Aadhar card / PAN card) 
2. The place you live in or the address you have on your Aadhar card 
3. If you were somewhere else and provided the address of your village or elsewhere in your PAN card with your Aadhar card, then you have to give a current address. 
4. You must have a bank statement.

How to Apply Rapidrupee loan 

If you are alluring and have all the documents given above, then you can take a loan from here, for this you have to follow some step, then let me tell you.

First of all, you have to install and install this application after going to the Play Store.

After installing this application, first you need to enter your name, number and your area code and verify that it has come to you otp.

If this loan is available in your area, then you will get a loan and you will get the approval after which you will be credited to your bank account within 2 to 24 hours.

If you have got a loan and you have to repay it, then you repay this loan with this application.

Friends, how do you find our information, if you want to take a loan and you are not getting a loan from this app then you can use the second app. I have written an article about the many people who give a personal loan once Be sure to read.  

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