Once you want to buy Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro read it once.


If you are the crazy lady of the Redmi phone. Want to buy redmi phone So the month is going to be launched next month. Redmi K20 Pro What features are going to be available in this phone If you want all of these information, then read this article completely. The specialty of this company is that it launches big budget smartphones at cheap prices, so more people buy this company. Recently, Manu Kumar Jain of Xiaomi India shared pictures of Redmi K20 in his Twitter account, once you see those pictures. Another flagship device of this series is also launching Reami K20 Pro. The features of the Redmi K20 Pro smart phone and the price have been launched. Xiaomi Redmi K can launch this series in the month of July 20.

Variety of this phone will be of 3 types

The storage variety of this phone will be of three types. The Xiaomi Redmi K20 series can be promoted in the name of the Killer 2.0 brand. It is not that Abe is going to recognize this phone by the same name, we are just figuring out. In this phone of Radmi, you can get tremendous pictures like Oppo OnePlus 7 series. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset processors can be given in Redmi K20 Pro. According to gender information, this phone will be launched in three different types of variety. 1, 6GB / 64GB 2, 6GB / 128GB 3, 8GB / 128GB can be launched in Variety. We can tell you from where we got this phone Redmi K20 Pro Remote and Storage information that we received this information from the Chinese microblogging website weibo. There is no information about the Redmi K20 Pro at which price will be launched in India but we will be aware of it as well as we will tell in our article so that you continue to follow our article.

Redmi K20 Pro starts at 26,000

Redmi K20 Pro Microblogging website will be linked to weibo, the corresponding storage variety of information will be of 3 types and the price of the three will also be different. First of all we talk about the variety of numbers, then the number is the number one. The price of 6GB / 64GB is 2599 NCY in NCY. And the Indian price is 26,000. The second number is 64GB / 128GB and its price is 2799 NCY. And there is 2800 in Indian Rupees. And now we talk about the third variety, the third variety comes in. 64GB / 128GB Its price is 2999 NCY. Its price is 30,000 in Indian Rupees. In this way, according to different variations, there is a different divergence in its price.

Redmi K20 Pro I camera of 48 megapixels

The 48 megapixel rear camera sensor, like the Radmi k20 Pro Mebee Radmi Note 7 Pro, can be given such a possibility, because such a phone has already been made redmi. Triple camera setup can be given in the back of the phone and clicking the photo from this camera will be very easy and will be overwhelming. A triple-real camera will be given in the back of the phone, a 13-megapixel sensor and another 8-megapixel ultra-lens lens can be taken. The camera of the phone can also do slo-motion video recording and the other should know what new feature will be in the camera only after the phone is launched.

Pop-up selfie camera

Talking about the other features of the phone, this 6.39 inch can be launched with OLED display. Along with this 20 megapixel pop-up selfie camera can be given in this mobile. This is the first time that Xiaomi can use these display fingerprint sensors and talk about the battery of this phone, then this phone can be given 4 to 5000 mh battery. And in this phone the battery will be supplied with super fast charging of 27W.

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